Admission Requirements

​Admission requirements:

For Grade 1 - 4:

1. Student’s Iqama/ID and Passport copy (Mother’s Passport copy if the student’s name is added in mother’s passport).

2. Father’s Iqama/ID and Passport copy (Mother’s Iqama copy if she is the sponsor).

3. Print out from Absher of Iqama expiry date of student.

4. Copy of Birth certificate.

5. Copy of Vaccination card.

6. Introduction letter from the father’s sponsor.

7. All the original report cards from Grade1 till the new grade (he/she) will enroll for, with the required stamps.

8. Equivalence of the last report card from Ministry of Education if coming from outside the Kingdom. Attest last report card if student coming from a different curriculum in their previous school.

9. Financial clearance from the previous school if (he /she) is coming from a school in Saudi Arabia only.

10. Print-out of Noor system transfer if (he / she) studying in Saudi Arabia.

For Kindergarten section:

The KG students file should include:

1. Student’s Iqama and Passport.

2. Father’s Iqama and Passport.

3. Birth certificate.

4. Vaccination card.

5. Introduction letter from the father’s sponsor.

Admission Test:

An admission test will be conducted during the admission process.